Monday, October 27, 2008

Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow!

All day today, I had a deadline looming. It was like pulling teeth to make it happen. I'm happy to say I did, eventually, but man ... I really wanted to be pretty much anywhere else, doing pretty much anything else.

And today I meant to write to James, but that didn't happen. I meant to clean up my desk at work, but no. I meant to go grocery shopping, clean the bathroom and check in on my downstairs neighbor who's been feeling under the weather.

None of it's going to get done today. Sorry.

Nope, today in Chicagoland, we had snow. So if all I can really bear to do is put on my jammies and cuddle a cat tonight, so be it.


jpb2525 said...

I'm thinking about you. Hard. Brain Hurts. Sending you happy thoughts....and candy cane wishes! :) :) :)

Janie said...

You have snow!

I am so jealous. If there was snow here today I could use it as a good excuse to stay home and quilt or crochet. Perfect. Instead Liam will go to day care and I will work this afternoon.

Love you :)