Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here's to life

One of my favorite Roger Clyne and the Peacemaker's songs is actually an old Refreshments tune, by the name of "Mekong." You know, as in "As cliché as it may sound, I’d like to raise another round. If your bottle's empty, help yourself to mine, thank you for your time, and here's to life."

There are a lot of toasts in my life that go just like that, so as I share a few pictures from the September 24 show with you, I am actually raising a glass and offering it up to you, to me, to us.

Here's to life.

The RCPM still life, pre-show.

Jason Boots. Opening act, merchandise dude, horn player and all-around swell guy.

Roger. His shirt is only about half-soaked in sweat at this point.

Close-up of Roger's guitar. Cool, huh?

Nick, or as I call him, T.B. Player. He's just a gracious, quiet guy.

Roger. The man's antics just cannot be described.

I have to say it again ... what an amazing night. We spent the entire show this close to the guys, and just feeling the electric community created by good music and the people who enjoy it. Thanks for enjoying it with me.

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monkeyhouse said...

"Here's to life?"

How about "Here's to the breezes ..."