Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. It's October. That means it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (This is not to be confused with Breast Awareness Month, which to most men is every day of every month.) As I get out my pink ribbons and schedule my mammogram, I'm reminded of the strong and beautiful women in my life who have dealt with this disease. It ain't pretty, but we can win the battle. So ladies, take care of yourselves and your tatas!
  2. I have a nasty crick in my neck/shoulder on the right side. Some might say that's what I get for doing three hours of cardio on a Monday night. I prefer to think it's because a fat cat chose to sleep in my face so I was trying to make room. Either way, it just plain hurts.
  3. I'm wearing a sweater that I thought fit me last year. Turns out, I was wrong; it looks completely different this year, with the New and Improved Smaller Maggie inside. It really is amazing what a difference a few pounds makes.
  4. I found my planner! Remember the one I thought was lost after vacation last July? Well, it turned up in a tote bag in my apartment. That tells me that A) I have too many tote bags and B) I don't need to be quite so anal-retentive about having my planner with me at all times. I survived pretty well without it!
  5. Hard to believe, but I'm already trying to figure out where I'm going to be at what time over the holidays. I am so looking forward to the season, but not the weather!
  6. Need. Cute. Boots.
  7. Also need new curtains. The new windows are so pretty, I would like something equally so to show them off. Alas, I am poor, so for the time being I'll just enjoy the pretty windows and the pretty trim and the blinding sunlight.
  8. I want to be Shakira when I grow up.
  9. Yesterday, I sent out a one-word survey, asking some of my friends to describe me in just one word. I got back everything from anti-oxidizing to fierce, vivacious to old (and yes, Bex, I know you were kidding ... mostly.) But my favorite response, which came from two different people, was simply Maggie. "She's just ... Maggie!" one said, and "You're you and only you can be you, so your name says it all," said the other. I like that.
  10. I love to dance. Last night, I spent an hour in Salsa Funk class, and another hour in Belly Dance, and those two hours just fill me with joy. Even though my "peeps" weren't there, (dammit, why must illness plague both My John and My Jess at the same time?) it was a grand night. And there were moments when I caught myself in the mirror and actually admired the way I was able to move. It's a great feeling to realize I'm becoming comfortable in my own body, at ease in my skin.
  11. Bonus: Maverick!


monkeyhouse said...

So number five includes Tucson, right? I still need to buy a new guest bed ...

maggie said...

Here's hoping! And you still have a couch, so you don't need to buy a bed just for me.

My plans to buy a ticket when I get paid tomorrow may get blown up, though. Looks like I'm gonna have some vet bills, followed by only having to buy half as much cat food. :(

jpb2525 said...

S'ok...I am getting better - and itching to get back to hip-hop and salsa-funk. You are amazing. You are a good dancer..and you help me realize how good life is!!