Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Today is Ryan's birthday. The middle child of Clan Carlson turns 22 in the beautiful town of Champaign. Hope your day is full of sunshine and good friends.
  2. You know that thing Bex taught me about getting rid of fruit flies? It works. Sure, the vinegar makes my bathroom smell a bit disconcertingly like a deli, but who cares as long as the pesky little bastards drown themselves.
  3. I forgot my pants. Last night, I arrived at the gym ready to work out. I was so excited, because John was back after taking time off to get over a little thing we like to call "pneumonia." So I'm in the locker room, stripped down to my skivvies, when I realize the black pants I packed to wear during our workout were actually a black t-shirt. And since I like the people at the gym, I decided going without pants was not an option. Dammit all. But today's another day.
  4. The hideous haircolor incident is still with us. It's not washing out nearly as quickly as I would prefer. If I loved it, it would be gone by now. But no, that's not how life works. Grr.
  5. This weekend is going to be fabulous. I get to celebrate Luisa's citizenship, Alice's birthday (surrounded by the family - can't wait!) plus spend Sunday morning with my brother. There's a distinct possibility I'll be sick of family by the time Sunday night rolls around, but I'm not thinkin' so.
  6. Speaking of family, I wish either A) I was independently wealthy or B) those I love lived closer. I would love to be in Tucson or Hermiston right now, loving the people I miss instead of missing the people I love. And don't even get me started on India.
  7. My feet are cold. I'm going to bitch about this for about six months, so get used to it.
  8. My co-worker had a baby yesterday, Ella Marie. For a newborn, she's kinda cute. I wanna squish her with love. Another of my co-workers brought her three-week-old in yesterday. I held him and squished him and cooed him to sleep. Then he puked on me. Too much squishing?
  9. I'm wearing the glasses almost every day now at work. My eyes, along with the rest of me, are getting old. Shut up, Mike.
  10. I really, really love my job. In the past week I've written about an exotic location for our next incentive trip, brainstormed ideas for our Conference logo, been treated to lunch by a print vendor, been thanked by the VP of Sales for simply doing my job, and been listened to when I provided feedback. They trust me to do my job, they tell me when I screw it up, and they appreciate me when I get it right (which, thankfully, is most of the time.) For a girl who was out of work just two short years ago, I feel gratified just to have a job. I feel blessed beyond measure to be enjoying it, too.


Charlie and Cindy said...

Mags- They are lucky to have you and so are we.

Janie said...

Hermiston votes yes, please come soon and often! We miss you and love you and can't wait for you and Liam to bet introduced!

maggie said...

Wow, Janie, did you get the whole town to vote?? I would love to come out there, and am working my tuchas off trying to come up with a sensible budget so I can do some of the stuff I want. Right now, though, my portfolio is pretty much tied up in food and shelter. Dammit!

I am so lucky, though, to have family far and wide who welcome me home, no matter what. Love you all!

Charlie and Cindy, I can't wait to see you Saturday! Yay!

Becky said...

i've found it works even better if you put saran wrap over the container and secure it with a rubber band. then poke holes in it. that way the ones who are too smart to get in the pool get in but get stuck and you can then drown them. BUAHAHAHAHAAHA! plus it cuts down on the smell. can't wait to see you!!