Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yet another great Shakespeare quote

So I'm at the gym with Shakespeare (otherwise known as Jessica) tonight, and we're whooping it up on the elliptical. We're talking about tonight's debate and whether or not we'll watch it, (we will) whether or not we'll enjoy it, (we might) and how excited we are to head to the polls. And who says something that cracks me up? Not me, THAT GIRL.

She says, "Have you ever seen Jesus Christ Superstar?" she asked. No, that's not what was funny. What was funny came after I answered in the affirmative. "During the first debate, I could not stop singing ...

Obama, hey-Bama
Bama Bama, hoBama
HeyBama, hoBama
Hey Barack Barack,
can you save Iraq?
Bama hoBama hey, Superstar"

In poor taste? Perhaps. But no more so than the opposition's "The One" ad campaign. So if you're gonna compare the Democratic candidate to a savior of any religion, well ... we will too.

Sing along if ya want; it's a good time.


Shakespeare said...

I freakin love that album cover! I'm gonna steal it. And then I'm going to knit you a hat.

shakespeare's friend said...

No, I'm gonna knit YOU a hat!

Love ya, girl.

Tori Carlson said...

I love you Maggie! Thank you for the comment on my BLOG! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!! ANd yes, my hands, and fingers are killing me! MUAH!

maggie said...

Your fingers will get used to knitting before too long, and it's so worth it in the end! Love you, girl!