Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I miss Josie Lou, but I think Benld misses her more. He wants to be held all the time, and when he's not in my lap, he's crying and pacing around the apartment. It's like he's having a conversation with himself. "Meow? Merrrrow. Meow meow, MEEEOW!" I have no idea what it's about, but at 3 a.m. it's a little annoying.
  2. The Hideous Hair Incident of 2008 has occurred on my head. I covered the gray last night. The strand test worked perfectly, but apparently didn't really show any indication of what it would look like on my whole head. I now have Deep Brown Hair of Death. Thank goodness it's only semi-permanent, otherwise I would have to dress as Elvira for Halloween.
  3. I started working on my Halloween costume last night. No, not as Elvira. I'm not telling you what it is, because if I can't pull it off I'm just going to go as an aging divorcee. I will post pictures after Halloween if all goes well.
  4. I saw gas for $3.05 a gallon in Lyons, WI over the weekend. Where I live, it's still $3.50-ish. It felt like such a great deal to fill up the tank for $3.18! I guess bargains, like everything else, are relative.
  5. I've been craving creamy mashed potatoes, yet I have no potatoes. This is my quandary.
  6. One of my assignments at work over the last few weeks has been to write the text for our incentive trip brochure. Have you any idea how hard it is to write about Cancun when you've never been to Cancun? Yeah, not as much fun as it sounds. And it's starting to really bug me. dammit. But I'm not bitter. Nope, not me.
  7. I have got to learn to grocery shop more effectively. I find myself going on this marathon trip once a month, and then having to trudge the packages up to the third floor, cursing all the way. Why not weekly, when I know what I want to eat and can pick it up fresh?
  8. I'll tell you why: I am the worst budgeter (and yes, it's a word, as far as I'm concerned) in the world. If I only buy groceries for the week, there will not be any money for groceries the following week. I am that bad. Yes, I know that needs to change. No, I'm not sure how long it'll take me to learn the lesson. But when cat euthanasia throws your "budget" into a tailspin, you know you've got to get real about the finances.
  9. I am really good at procrastinating. It's a special gift.
  10. There's lots of fun stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks! I have chili night next week, then Alice's birthday, where I'll get to see most of Clan Rice/Carlson. The next day is Bonnie's birthday, which will bring together a bunch of folks who used to be involved in theater to sing a little, dance even less and celebrate the woman who can make anyone sound great. Cap the month off with Halloween and a trip to Fright Fest at Great America, and I'm golden!


jpb2525 said...

Loved your list - I don't do halloween....I never really got it?!

Maggie said...

You don't? I'm so surprised! I thought for sure it would be something you're into!

But then I'm learning new stuff about you all the time ... like how much I miss you when I don't get to see you every week! Hope your feeling well, my dear John. Everyone asks where you are, and I tell them I have you shackled in the basement.

I think some of them believe me. ;)

Col said...

Re: #7 and #8

I had a job once that issued payroll once a month. It is not easy to budget that, but I found if I went back to old school it was alot easier.

ie: you have $200 a month for a grocery budget. Take that and divide it into 4 envelopes, $50 each and that is what you can spend each week. If you have change left add it to the next weeks envelope or put it in a jar for a rainy day.

You will find 2 things, you will eat better and save $.

I have a small grocery budget for the 3 of us and it really does help to set limits and make lists. Also, plan ahead for meals and freeze sale items whenever you can.

Ground Beef, Buy 3 pounds on sale brown it all, use 1 pound and freeze 2 (in 1 pound pkgs.) for another day.

Chicken, get the family packs on sale and freeze it in Maggie packs.

Hope some of these help, but I know it isn't easy.


maggie said...

Colleeny, you are so cool and clever and gorgeous ... and RIGHT! Those are tidbits I was taught at one point in time, but just sort of abandoned because I'm a grown-up.

Rrrrright. ;) So thanks for the reinforcement and positive thoughts! I'm gonna do it! (and from now on when it comes to my budget, I'm just gonna ask myself: WWCD?)