Monday, March 17, 2008

Everybody's Irish today

I was Irish yesterday, too. And I consumed enough calories to cause my very own potato famine.

It was the Rathunde Family St. Patrick's Day Gathering, although there were only two Rathundes in attendance, me and the Original Margaret. But that didn't stop us from having a great time. We christened Buzz's new kitchen by allowing him to make us potato pancakes and enjoying Irish Coffee all afternoon. Renee, Randy and their kids Alex and Everett were there, and of course Terra and Drew, her fiancée. We pretty much ate our weight in corned beef, potatoes and key lime pie.

Yum. Pardon my food coma.

My favorite moment of the day came when Buzz was making arrangements for dinner next Sunday, which would be Easter. He asked his girls what time they wanted to eat, and then he looked at me and asked what I was doing that day. It was the sweetest, kindest invitation ever, and it was a declaration that, once again, my definition of family has expanded.

It must be that Irish luck.


vized06 said...

I didn't realize that key lime pie was a traditional Irish dessert? Not that I'm complaining, I just didn't get to partake. :(

maggie said...

It's not traditional, but it is green.

Just like my guacamole, which is now a tradition. Yum.