Monday, March 3, 2008

March forward

Ahh, Sunday. It was a beautiful day. I woke up with sunlight streaming through my window and a cat on my head. Life is good.

I tooled around in my pajamas for hours, watching a couple of movies and enjoying being completely relaxed. It was about 3:30 by the time I thought I'd better get moving and head for the gym.

So I'm walking into the gym and politely held the door open for the person walking in behind me. Imagine my surprise when I turned to look and it was Terra, my ex-step-cousin-in-law. She is the daughter of my soon-to-be ex-husband's mother's step brother. If you followed that, give yourself a medal.

Anyhoo, it was wonderful to have a workout buddy. She is kind, beautiful and inspirational (there's nothing like a friend with a great figure working out next to you to remind you that you, too, can look fabulous!) We're meeting up on Wednesday for Yoga and Pilates.

And to think, I almost didn't go to the gym yesterday. Stuff really does happen for a reason.

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