Thursday, March 6, 2008

My night with Gym

I went to the gym last night. And I stayed.

I arrived at around 5, changed and made my way to my elliptical machine. I love that damn thing; it makes me happy. I feel like I'm running, but it doesn' hurt me. Okay, 40 minutes on that (which makes me really happy because when I first started going to the gym in September I thought I was going to die at 10 minutes) and on to the stationary bike while I wait for Terra.

I had gone 20 minutes on the bike when she joined arrived. We cycled for a little while longer before going to Pilates class. After an hour of Pilates, we stayed for yoga. After an hour of yoga, we changed into our suits and got into the whirlpool.

Three guesses as to what my favorite activity of the night was!

All in all, it was a great night. I'm not capable of doing everything they did in class - I'm not nearly as flexible as I once was, and I'm a big girl! But it felt so good to stretch and relax and just move in a different way. I loved it. I will be going back.

Sadly, I was exhausted and lightheaded when I finally got home at about 10:15. I thought I'd just pass out in the sleep of dead men, but no. I could not fall asleep.

Maybe it's the endorphins. Maybe I've got too much on my mind. Maybe I'm too sexy for my bed. But right now, the only thing that makes sense to me is coffee.

Lots and lots of coffee.

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