Sunday, March 30, 2008

Home is where the love is

First of all, let me say ... it's a beautiful Sunday in Maggie's World. The cats found room on my lap for both of themselves. It was crowded, but what the hell.
Helped my friend Donna pack the truck yesterday. She's moving to Michigan. I will miss her, but I love that she left some very nice stuff at Chez Mags. Thank you, Donna, for the rugs, the chair, and the antique mirror. And the rug really ties the room together.

My place is really starting to look like my place now, like I brought all this stuff in and I did it on purpose. It's a pretty incredible feeling. You should really stop by and see it. The apartment, not the feeling. Now all I need is a bookcase and I'm set!

It's pretty amazing, because I know none of this would have been possible without the love and support of my friends. They are such an eclectic group of wondrous lunatics, and yet when I look around, my place is full of love because of my friends. The bar/desk Shamie loaned me the money for when we were garage saleing, not to mention my original Shamie painting. The chair Patrick gave me, more comfortable than any other piece of furniture I own. The microwave from Dan. The rugs and chair and mirror and picture from Donna. The clock my late father-in-law made. The photographs of me, Kelly and Patrick from when we were young. And it's not just "stuff" either - it's the spirit. Mike and Rae helped me move not once, but twice, even driving up from Charleston to move me into my first apartment. Kelly & Kevin helped Chris and I move into the first place here in Arlington Heights, and Kevin brought Tofe and Aubri to help me move into the current Chez Mags. And ya know what? It's like a part of them are still here, because they couldn't possibly pack up all the love and take it with them.

That's what makes it a home, I think. The love, whether it came with stuff or sweat, remains. Mike, Rae and Kaylee will be here in a couple of weeks when we'll all roadtrip together down to Jacksonville for Papa Rice's wedding, and I'm hoping they'll leave a little love behind then, too. How about you? If you'd like to come by, my door is open.


vized06 said...

I totally plan on leaving behind a "little love" - I just won't tell you where I plan on putting it.

maggie said...

Okay, ew.

Brothers are gross.

vized06 said...

Gross? By "a little love" I meant a $20 bill. But if you don't want it - fine. I'll leave it for the neighbor.

maggie said...

You usually leave the money on the nightstand, genius. How was I to know that's what you meant?