Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Overworked and in need of vacation

I know what you're thinking. "Mags, you just went on vacation a couple of months ago." And you'd be right - I had my fancy week in Disney World, and that SHOULD be enough to carry a girl through. But if you've kept up with the weather report from my part of the world, you know that here in Chicagoland we've been living under a gray cloud or several inches of snow or a combo of the two since about November. It's starting to thaw. I'm starting to get cabin fever. And I need a vacation.

Couple that with the fact that work's sorta kicking into high gear. The newsletter has become a magazine. A monthly magazine. For which I am the only writer. And I still have all the other "stuff" to write. To say I'm not bored is truly an understatement.

In other news, why does it not hurt the cat when he licks his ... you know ... with that sandpaper kitty tongue of his?

But back to me ... what should I do for vacation this year? I know! I think I'll tag along with one of my surrogate families for a week at the beach in South Haven, Michigan. The guest list is perfect - one person to make me laugh, another to make me laugh so hard a beverage comes out my nose. One to make chicken pizza, one to make breakfast gravy. One to look cute in a bathing suit (because she's only one year old) and another to remind me that it doesn't matter that I don't look cute in mine. One to kick my ass at Uno, and me. For a full week at the beach in July.

Sounds like heaven to me. I'll send you a postcard!


vized06 said...

Still trying to figure out which one I am. Make you laugh? Make you laugh until stuff comes out of your nose? Or perhaps the one to kick your ass at Uno?

Or maybe I'm like Jesus and I'm really three people.

mags said...

You're a little bit of all of 'em. Except the cute in a bathing suit one (unless one thinks white and pasty are cute.) Other than that, you're all of 'em.

Anonymous said...

OMB! Your brother is Jesus? So should the tag really be WWRD?

Geeze, I've been asking the wrong question all these years.

It's no wonder the answers I've gotten haven't made sense. They've been like Magic 8 ball answers.

Ask again, answer hazy...

Anonymous said...

And if your brother is Jesus, does that make you good at bowling?