Sunday, April 20, 2008

Second Chances

Do we ever run out of second chances in life? From the people who really matter, I think the answer has to be "no." I'm on my third or fourth chance with some, and lost count with others, but when the love is alive, the number doesn't so much matter.

One of the most gratifying experiences in my adult life has been observing those I love as they embrace their second chances. Seeing my nephew heal the pain in his young soul, having experienced more heartache than anyone should have to endure at his age. Supporting a friend as she and her husband give their all to have a child, and to finally make it to the second trimester after painful failed attempts. And yes, watching my CharlieDad get a second chance at love. It's a rare gift to be allowed to be in attendance at the wedding of a parent, whether natural or adoptive, and being part of yet another Rice family wedding was a magical celebration of second chances.

Do we all get a second chance at love? I'm not sure about that. I'm even more unsure that I want one. I mean, let's face it - the first chance really turned into quite the debacle. But to see the joy, and be part of it, is extraordinary, and brings peace to my heart.

All will be well
Even after all the promises
you've broken to yourself
All will be well
You can ask me how, but only time will tell
- Gabe Dixon


Anonymous said...

second chance, REDO, do-over, mulligan,

They all mean the same thing and they all excist because someone loved enough at one time to let them happen. Love of teaching that the teacher let the class take the test again. Love of the guy to redo your hair for the date. Let's do-over the date because it wasn't that great and I think I love you. Love of the game to take a Mulligan.

They are all there because of Love. The trick is to Love enough.
Enough to look past the seconds, thirds, even fourth chances. I guess that is where unconditional love comes from. LOVE!

maggie said...

It's true!

Life is a series of do-overs with the people and stuff we love!