Friday, April 11, 2008

A happy Friday in Maggie's World

It's been a busy week. I've been at the gym, cleaning my place (yay, new vaccuum!), working and trying to find time in between for sleep and some semblance of social life.

So far, so good.

Tried some new stuff at the gym this week. Added more weight training (some day I hope to be able to kick my own ass) and ran (yes, ran) for a few minutes on the treadmill. The body is changing! My loaf of French bread - you know the one, it's above my waistline - is decidedly smaller. I'm getting closer every day to having only one chin. And along the way, I'm feeling strong and feminine at the same time.

As of this morning, I have lost a total of 19 pounds since I started going to the gym last September. The bulk of the loss has come in the last two months, and I have to admit feeling pretty proud of myself for the lifestyle change I have made. Plus, this morning, I put on the cute jeans, and I could actually zip them! That's not to say that they fit - we all know there's a difference between getting them on and looking good in them. But in a few weeks, I'll be workin' the jeans!

So this weekend will be a mix of celebration (dancing, diet coke and perhaps a touch of tequila,) chores (laundry at Amber's) and taking care of me (back to the gym on Sunday.) It's gonna be a good weekend. But then, why wouldn't it be?

It's a good life.

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