Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Man. Dolin.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary:
man·do·lin (mān'də-lĭn', mān'dl-ĭn) n. A small lutelike instrument with a typically pear-shaped body and a straight fretted neck, having usually four sets of paired strings tuned in unison or octaves.

According to Maggie:
man·do·lin (mān'də-lĭn', mān'dl-ĭn) n. A small lutelike instrument used to drive a Maggie crazy with musically inspired passion.

There's something about it - the way it's held, the way it's strummed, the way it sounds ... hell, I dunno. But give me a man who can play the mandolin and I'll follow him anywhere.

Especially if he cooks.


Anonymous said...

Apparently in the south they don't teach typing...

Barry wanted me to tell you that he used to play the mandolin.

He also cooks. :)

squeeg said...

Tell Barry I shun the notion until he finds the blog himself and comments.

And then tell him that "used to play" is not the same as "plays."

And then tell him I like my steaks medium.