Tuesday, April 22, 2008

72 Days

There are only 72 days until I get to see the Tucson Contingent again.

They left this morning. I started missing them the moment they drove away.

I love that my slippers match Kaylee's pajamas. I love that Mike and Rae get a good night's sleep in my bed. I love Kaylee's special way of stirring muffin batter, the way she really wants to love the cats, and how she entertains herself with my jumbo knitting needles (which, to her vivid imagination, become pencils or drumsticks.) I love that last night together, when Kaylee's asleep and we're not quite ready to let go yet, so Mike, Rae and I curl up in the living room and the conversation just flows. I love that they don't care if the chicken is dry. I love the way my little downtown apartment feels like a home when it's full of friends. I love that they e-mail me from the airport. I love that Rae has no idea how beautiful she is. I love that Mike looks handsome (yes, you have it in writing) in a purple shirt. I love how at home they are in my home.

I hate when it's time for them to go.

I love that they'll be back in 72 days.


vized06 said...

Man - that chicken was dry.

Anonymous said...

When are they coming to stay with me?

When are you coming to stay with me?

I want "xx" days!

maggie said...

I am not sharing them! They're mine! But if you're very well behaved, some day I will introduce you.

And I know the chicken was dry. I ate the leftovers. Then I bought foil.