Saturday, April 5, 2008

Can it be?

The sun is out today. Is it possible that after what seems like an entire year of winter, spring is finally here?

It's beautiful. The sky is blue - that amazing, clear cornflower blue, without a cloud in the sky. Ahh ... April in Chicagoland. It's a happy Saturday in Maggie's World.

Went to the gym today, and got to thinkin' about how different my relationship with all things gym-related is now than it was in the beginning. Back in the early days, I was quiet (yes, it's true, there are witnesses) and spent most of my time trying to be invisible. I brought my own towel, because the ones they provide can't wrap all the way around me. I didn't like to use the machines at the front, because they were ... well, in the front!

It's not like I've magically transformed my body, yet. It's only seven pounds smaller than it was when the journey began. But I'm different. I feel more confident, and I care a whole lot less. Prance through the locker room in a little towel? Why not. Stand in the front of the Salsa/Funk class? That's me. And in the process, I've gotten to know the staff at the gym, in the spa, and in the cafe.

I have "people"! And my trips to the gym are less about everyone else and a whole lot more about me.

And, yes, seven pounds total. The first seven of many, I assure you.

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