Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'll be right there

I can remember one night when my car got pissed and just called it quits. It was three, maybe four years ago, I don't know which month but I know it was cold. I was on my way home from a long day at work, and on Ogden Ave., maybe three miles from home, the Jeep just gave up the ghost. I was able to get it off the road and out of traffic. Then I panicked.

I do not deal with this kinda stuff very well. I just like stuff to work the way it's supposed to, so I don't have to worry about it. Too much to ask? I think not. And when it doesn't, I like to have help. I don't need someone to fix it, but I do need a little support.

So I called Christopher. Who asked me why I hadn't just called Triple A.

This is not the preferred response. You know, just in case you were wondering.

Turned out I'd run out of gas. My gas gauge is shot, so while it was registering a quarter tank, there was nothing but fumes running the show. I learned this from the kind gentleman from Triple A who eventually came to my aid. Christopher showed up, too, none to happy about it, but to his credit, he was there. Under duress, I might add.

So I've been thinking ... what separates family from acquaintances, in my life, anyway, is their responses to those kind of phone calls. I call Brian when Christopher starts moving his stuff, and his response? "I'll be right there." I call Marge when Christopher is pissed at me for talking to Judy the Ho? "I'll be right there." I call Kelly when I lock my keys in the car in Highland Park? "I'm about two hours away, but I can make the trip if you need me." I won't even bore you with the details of how many times my dad has bailed me out, figuratively and damn near literally. And there are many, many more examples of "I'll be right there." Even the people who live a flight or two away do their damnedest to be present in some way - a Starbuck's care package or regular phone calls when the chips are down.

I hope I offer the same to the people I love. I know that I've tried. And I know with everything that I am that I will never again settle into a routine with anyone - be they friend, family or romantic interest - whose first response is anything other than "I'll be right there."

In a perfect world, they'd be there with tissues, tequila and a turkey sandwich.


Col said...

You were "right there" for me!
The letter was perfect and sharing your talent with someone is a generous gift.

margot said...

It was my distinct pleasure, Col, and I am honored to be asked to help. The mark of a true friend is when someone is willing to ask you for something! I mean it, hon - any time.

vized06 said...

Anytime you're feeling down I'll be right there. As long as a phone call or snarky blog comment counts.

But anytime you bribe me with alcohol, cinaminamin rolls and sliders I'll REALLY be right there.

Maggie's House of Bribery said...

Phone calls and snarky blogments totally count. And in 67 days, I intend to bribe all of you for about 10 days straight. Sound good to you?

vized06 said...

Mmmmmmm ... sliders.

Anonymous said...

Mags, I like this man you call brother. He likes sliders and apparently you. He's my kind of guy. :)

maggie said...

I'm relatively certain he loves the sliders more than he loves me, but that's okay, because he loves sliders a LOT, and me only a tiny bit less!

Of course, if you weren't anonymous, I could arrange a meeting.