Saturday, March 1, 2008


It's been an amazing, love-filled couple of days.

Yesterday, my morning began with an instant message from a friend - a simple message, nothing more than "I hope you have a great day" from someone I hadn't heard from in a couple of weeks. It was there when I turned on my computer at work, just waiting for me. I loved being thought of even though I wasn't online; that simple message made me smile all morning.

After work, I met up with Di and we went to the gym. Working out with Di is like having a personal trainer. She gave me some great suggestions of exercises with light weights that I can do even in my out of shape current state. It felt good; I felt strong. Plus, it was so much fun to have a workout buddy.

Di and I got smoothies in the cafe and then had our nails done - my fingers, her toes. Total luxury, that's for sure. Then we dashed off to the movie theater. We saw "Penelope" - I highly recommend it. It was sweet, a modern-day fairy tale unlike anything I've seen in a long time.

And then, it was back home for girl talk into the wee hours. And did we ever talk. Time with Di is magic - the time passes without you even noticing, then you blink and it's 2 a.m. We talked about our evening, and how good it felt to be active and support each other and share the desire to be healthy and strong. And then she looked at me and said, "you are so worth it."

The tears fell without warning, hearing those words and realizing that the last time I really felt like I truly was worth it was when Di was part of my daily life, back in college 11 years ago. Well big damn shame on me. She's right. And it felt so good to hear it, to be validated, to be loved for who I am and encouraged to be who I will become.

When she left this morning, I was so filled with love - love I feel for Di, and the love she gives to me.

I spent the afternoon with my dad, brother, sister and nephew. It's a different sort of love, but love all the same. My nephew is such an amazing kid - he drives me insane, but wants to learn how to make my famous oatmeal cookies, and then wants to try to kick my ass shooting baskets while they bake. I'm just crazy about him. It was a fun afternoon, which isn't always the case with my family.

And then it was off to Chez Farbo to celebrate Patrick's 41st birthday, which is today. This is a family that is crazy, but they are so busy loving you that you forget to care. Tony kept pinching my cheeks (the ones on my face, praise Jesus,) Emma liked when I held her, I figured out that Eric and Christopher are two different kids (I swear to God, all these years I thought they were one guy, and then there they were, standing next to each other.) I drank shots with Donna and planned Fourth of July with Kim and got nearly attacked by Rick and just eased into this house of mayhem and pizza. By the time I headed for home, I had been hugged so many times I couldn't even remember where they'd all come from. The genuine affection touched me in a way I sometimes have a hard time understanding. This is a group of people who accepts me just as I am and loves me anyway. They are my family.

How much family can one girl have? I don't know. But I think it's unwise to try to limit it.

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