Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life in moistland

Yes, it's true - I just used my least favorite word, moist. And yet it's true. I've been living a pretty pruney life these days, spending a lot of time in the water. On Monday and Wednesday, I started taking a water circuit class, and after class I relax in the whirlpool for as long as I please ... it's quite awesome.

Tonight in class, I felt graceful. It's been a long time since I keyed in to that part of me, and it felt fantastic! There's something about the water ...

The instructor is hysterical and really wonderful. We laugh through the entire class! Tonight, as I was saying goodnight to some of my classmates, I told them I'd see them on Monday. They asked why I wasn't coming on Saturday, but then they told me class starts at 8:15 a.m. Alas, no ... I do not acknowledge an 8:15 in the morning; I accept only the one that happens at night.

Anyway, I am loving being a part of this class. I wonder what next week will bring.


Anonymous said...

I bet that on Saturday you'll be at that class...

squeeg said...



Not likely.

But if I'm not out on a bender Friday night, it's possible. ;)