Friday, October 12, 2007


There is no heat in my apartment.

Well, there is heat, but so far it's not operational. When I went to bed, it was 58 degrees. I soaked in a hot bath, hopped up, put on my ugly robe, ran into the bedroom and skittered under the sheets with the robe still on because the sheets were damn cold.

On the bed, there is: flannel sheets, flannel pillowcases, an old blanket, a quilt, a down comforter and another quilt. There is enough weight there that it feels like I'm being crused with soft things (oh, sweet torture!)

And still, it's cold. At 2 a.m. I wake up and can finally slither out of the robe. The cats are mocking me as they saunter around in their little fur coats.

Hopefully the landlord will figure this out soon. There is nothing worse than a cold toilet seat.

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