Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm positive

I went to the gym last night. I'm still not actually feeling well enough to be at the gym, but I figured a little sweat would do me good.

I smile when I'm at the gym. It's a little game I play. A lot of people just look so unhappy when they work out, so I smile at them and see if I can make them smile back. Sometimes, it works.

Tonight, I smiled at Nice Stride Boy. This guy who runs on the treadmill across from me has the most beautiful stride. It's like watching a gazelle. So I smiled at him. He smiled back. I also smiled at Frizzy Blonde Lady. She just looked at me like she thought I was retarded. Maybe I was singing along to the iPod?

Anyway, after my workout I stopped into the cafe to get a bottle of water from New Guy. As I was standing at the register, Jessica, the young lady who took me on my first tour of the gym back in September, stopped in to say hello. "I have to know," she asked, "are you always so postive?"

Now, anyone who knows me also knows that I am so not always postive. But it was very sweet to hear. I'm positive! Did you know that?

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