Thursday, November 1, 2007

The wonder of Kaylee

I am so excited. In a few weeks, my baby niece Kaylee is bringing her mom and dad to visit. They are coming from Tucson for Thanksgiving, and will be here for a couple of weeks. They won't be with me exclusively during that time (after all, they have a lot of family to visit!) but I get to have them all at Chez Mags off and on for two weeks!

My to-do list in preparation:

  • Baby-proof the house
  • Prepare the cats
  • Borrow toys
  • Hide the porn
  • Decide what I want Racheal to cook for me while she's here
Looks like I've got my work cut out for me!

This picture is of four of my favorite beings in the universe, my second brother Mike (the tall one) and Kaylee the Wonderkid, plus two of the greatest canines in the world. They all live in Tucson with Rae (the mom/sister-in-law), Gabby and Max (cats). I miss them all the time. I can't wait until they are here.


Col said...

I know she is a girl, but I have a ton of baby stuff still from Chase.
If I can lend you anything that they do not want to bring, please let me know. How old is she??

mags said...

OOOH! yay yay yay! Col, you're the COOLEST! In fact, from now on, you shall be known as Coolleen!

Kaylee's gonna turn one while they're visiting me. SO EXCITED! So anything baby-appropriate would be most appreciated, Coolleen!

Col said...

one is such a fun age. Let me know what you need and if I have it you are welcome to use it. You are going to have a great time.

vized06 said...

OMG - she is sooooo cute! What an awesome dog! And that is one smokin' hot alpha male ...

And the bald guy is all right I guess ...

maggie said...

Yes, she is adorable. She takes after my side of the family.

Or was that Porthos?