Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Quote, Unquote

An oft-used phrase that drives me crazy, Quote Unquote is rarely used correctly. How many times do you hear stuff like this:

My brother says he's going to quote unquote kick my ass at guitar hero.

Which would look like this when transcribed:

My brother says he's going to " " kick my ass at guitar hero.

No, gentle reader, one would correctly say:

My brother says he's going to quote kick my ass at guitar hero unquote.

Which really has nothing to do with the point of this post. Which just goes to show, sometimes I get off on a tangent before I even begin to write.

I wanted to share with you one of the most beautiful quotes I've heard in awhile. What makes this one even more special is that it's not something from Maya Angelou or Benjamin Franklin. It's from someone real in my life, someone I love.

"I'm (quote unquote?) so lucky to have my friends in my life."

There's a universal truth for you. Our friends reflect back to us the best of ourselves. They magnify our joy, they minimize our pain. They offer a soft place to fall when the world is hard. Over time, we're there for each other this wild give-and-take we call life. We offer balance, support, encouragement and love. That's the mark of family, whether your blood runs through my veins or your spirit flows through my heart.

I, too, am lucky to have my friends in my life.

And you can quote me on that.


vized06 said...

Does that include me? Because I'm family. And I know how quote unquote lucky you feel to have the rest of the fam around sometimes. ;-)

And yes, I did the quote thing just to bug you. And the whole time I'm visiting I'll say "over" when I really mean "more than."

Oh .. and we can use our PIN numbers at the ATM machines.

And I'm bringing wet paper.

maggie said...

I'm going to quotekick your skinny white assunquote.

And yes, it includes you. You're the brother in the Guitar Hero anecdote. Unless you thought my other brother Mike suddenly gained a stupendous amount of hand-eye coordination.

Kellywellybelly said...

do you have and are you bringing Guitar Hero brother Mike? Because Drew has it and if needed he could bring it over when you are there and quote you can both have your asses kicked by your other 14 year old nephew unquote!!!! I crack me up

Oh and dont forget the stickers Mike!

Since Margot is my sister-in-law what does that make us?

Anonymous said...

You are the Kelly, duh.