Thursday, November 15, 2007

We had joy, we had fun ...

... we had seasons in the ... SNOW?

You have got to be kidding me. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm embracing autumn, and winter, too, but it's November, people. And yet, on my way into the office this morning, there they were.


There came Suzy Snowflake, dressed in her friggin' white gown.

So tonight I got out my winter gear. Gloves? Check. Coats? Check. Scarf? Crap, I think I left it at Kelly & Kevin's last weekend. If you see my half brown/half cream scarf, will you put it on my shelf?

But not to be left with a cold neck, I knitted a quick one, and it's kinda cool - more like a big neck tube than a scarf.

This was officially night two of the knitting season. I have hats to make for my nieces and nephews, mittens to make for my sister (if only I can remember how to do the thumb so it doesn't come out the wrong side of the left hand this time,) and a couple of surprises for some others on my list. (Don't tell Jenn, but she's finally getting her cable-knit pillow.)

I'm ready. You hear me, winter? I will not be defeated. I'm going to have fun! I'm going sledding, and skating, and I'm gonna build a snowman outside my office window if I have to wait until the entire building is empty. Because summer shouldn't get all the fun. And in the winter, you get to come inside afterward and snuggle, and wear flannel, and drink cocoa (with a little love stirred in, if ya know what I mean) and build a fire and think warm thoughts. There is fun to be had, and I want in on it!


vized06 said...

Snow? I think our trip has been canceled.

maggie said...

Not real snow, just a few flurries. Flakes. Not unlike the flakes I expect to arrive in about 30 hours.