Friday, November 9, 2007

Random quote from my life

So last night I'm talking to Mike on the phone. And he says:

"Where the fuck is my baby?"


Sounds like inspiration for a haiku:

kaylee crawled away
"where the fuck is my baby?"
stupid stupid dad


vized06 said...

Rae (and blog) I swear,
taken out of context phrase
seems worse than it is.

Col said...

don't feel bad, brother Mike, I am a Mom and I have lost my son a few times. The first time I found him in the bathroom with the toilet paper and plunger. The second time he had fallen asleep on his bedroom floor. It's not so much that they are out of your sight, but where are they and what are they up to. When I was five my Dad lost me at Great America, try expaining that to your wife. It was a long quiet ride home...