Saturday, November 10, 2007

Even my spleen hurts

Tonight, I was re-named "Aunt Whatev." It was my niece Aubri's birthday party. Still is, in fact. It was held at the roller rink in Delavan, and everyone re-convened back at Kelly & Kevin's house for cupcakes, snacks, games and a sleepover. The cupcakes were my personal creation - chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate ice cream and covered in chocolate frosting. It's what Aubri asked for, and it's an Aunt's job to fulfill her niece's wishes. Kelly thinks that by indulging her every request means I'm making the child high maintenance. I think it's only high maintenance if I actually got dry ice to keep them frozen while at the rink. I didn't do that.

I'm up to my armpits in teenage girls, and a couple of teenage boys. Turns out, I've still got it. I think a 14-year-old boy by the name of Steven had a little crush on me. We skated. And skated. And skated. After I took a few turns around the rink, my mother-in-law, Marge, and my ex walked in. My legs started to shake. I prefer to think it was because the sensation of skating was something relatively new to me, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was due (in part, at least) to the fact that Christopher showed up when he wasn't expected to be there. But I just kept skating. I fell once - bounced on my fat ass, and felt it right up to my head. But I had a blast. Not falling, but skating.

It occurred to me on the way home that I had a way better time then Christopher did. I skated, I played with the kids, I tapped into my inner child and just reveled in the joy of being with friends young and not so, just being the goofy people we are. Two years ago, when I wasn't yet aware that my marriage was over, I wouldn't have skated. I would have stuck at Christopher's side, regardless of my own desire to be in on the fun. Have no fear: that side of me has been retired. My life now is way too much fun to go back.

Kelly and I shared a couple's skate. Jason and Aimee skated together, and how cute are they? I think they have a crush on each other. Kevin won the Pepsi Stretch, Aubri did great at the Limbo, and I think everyone but Amber fell at least once.

So now we're back home, I have a beer (the first of several, I'm sure) and I'm relatively certain I am going to wake up in the morning wishing I'd had the good sense to say "no" to skating. But it was worth it.

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