Friday, November 16, 2007

They don't lick floors, do they?

So I'm down to counting the hours now. Mike, Rae and Kaylee will arrive at Chicago's lovely Midway Airport at around 11 in the morning. Give them time to get off the plane, get the luggage, pick up the car and drive to Chez Mags, I should be seeing them for a late lunch.

The house is clean, sort of. The important stuff is done - all the switchblades have been picked up from low shelves, the tequila's off the coffee table, the porn is in the closet (not that it's gay porn...) and there are toys for Kaylee to play with/drive mom & dad nuts with. The floors are reasonably clean. Reasonably, meaning there aren't any measurable dust bunnies. However, I wouldn't eat off of it if I were you.

So I'm thinking ... babies put everything in their mouths. Do they also put their mouths ON everything? Because if babies lick floors, we might be in trouble.


Kel said...

It depends on whether they spill something that is yummy on the floor.If she does...well i can't guarantee she wouldnt lick it. But thats ok because they also eat sand and make and eat mudpies if left alone with water and dirt too long so I dont think it will kill her. Im sure she will be fine. Just pretend she is Kristofer and teach her to say Aunt Margot is @***@*@ outrageous! Mike and Rae will just love you to pieces!

Mags said...

who on earth would teach a chlld to say such a thing?

Thanks for the advice, I will keep that in mind!

vized06 said...

NOTE: The baby licked the floor.