Monday, October 1, 2007

The Update

Ah, weekends. I hung out at home on Friday, had a great trip to the gym on Saturday (which included a heavenly respite in the sauna) and puttered around Chez Mags before hanging out with Brian on Sunday.

Like any stretch of time, this weekend brought with it it's share of life lessons and unanswered questions. Such as ...

Life lessons:
Rejection hurts right now even if he left over a year ago
Pizza and merlot is always a good combo
Cocoa tastes better with squirty whipped cream ... and Rumpleminze
I walk really fast to "Te Dejo Madrid"
My cat is such a whore
So is Kelly ... just ask Brad
Spending a day in your pajamas is good for the soul
The guy who lives downstairs is a lecherous cretin
Brian has lovely shoulders and forearms. Kelly can check his biceps herself.

Unanswered questions:
Why does Brian read the blog but not comment?
Why is it called a "Yoda Soda"?
Why does stuff that's bad for you feel and taste so good?
What is Benld chasing?
Does He realize Judi's ugly? Does that mean I'm ugli-er?
How does the cat hair all get together to form one big clump under the bed?
Why does lounging in the grass on a warm September night feel better than lounging on the grass in July?
If you have a Brazilian wax and no one's around to appreciate it, does it count?


KellyAnn said...


Maggie is... said...

Sure. I'm not above whoring out my friends!

Anonymous said...


He doesn't have anything to say yet.

It's short and green and when you drink it you talk backwards?

So you will appreciate it.

What isn't he chasing?

Yes, he realizes Judi is ugly. Haven't you heard that song? "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life/never make a pretty woman your wife/so from my personal point of view get an ugly girl to marry you."

No, he didn't listen to the song lyrics the first two times around.

Toga party.

No ants.

Yes, and ow ow ow ow owie.

squeeg said...

Anonymous, you are cracking me up! Toga Party! I say we have a Toga Housewarming at the TBD Lodge!

Anonymous said...

toga toga toga!

caesar said...

Think about it - have a toga party, get lots of new sheets!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I haven't been to a toga party since March? Fun! Do it!