Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good ankle day

I've always liked my ankles. In recent years, howev, they have not been kind to me. The bigger my butt got, the more my ankles would swell.

Started going to the gym, et voila, I already have my ankles back. After wearing strappy stilettos on Friday and then standing on concrete all night Saturday, they doggies were a'howlin', but they've forgiven me and I once again have my feminine, sweet ankles. They make me happy.

So there's three things about me that I really like: My ankles, my wrists and my sense of humor. Sometimes even in that order.

Which made me think ... right now, at this moment, what are my favorite things about my friends?

  • Kelly's unconditional love, even when I don't deserve it
  • Kim's laugh - it's like champagne
  • Kevin's intuition
  • Brian's instinctive knowledge of when I need a hug
  • Nemo's can. Oops, I'm sorry, I meant his deep, sultry voice
  • Amber's combination of childlike sophistication; no one else could carry that off
  • Angel's willingness to try anything
  • Patrick's openness
  • Aimee's wacky way of seeing the world
  • Dale's "true stories"
What do you like about you?

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