Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I wanna be a dentist

What are you doing October 13 & 14? Or December 1?
Answer? Hanging out with the Misfits, of course!

Now, gentle reader, I'm not calling you names. Misfits is what we call ourselves, because we were never the popular kids but now we're sort of our own happy harmless street gang. And we're planning on having some fun!

October 13, we're going to Great America for Fright Fest. October 14, we're going to Apple Holler to pick apples, after which we will likely find a kitchen and bake some pies. (You can either bake or just eat.)

December 1 is Misfits Thanksgiving and Caroling. Thanksgiving will be a pot luck meal, and each adult is requested to bring a dish that was a family staple growing up. That means I'll be bringing stuffed cabbage, Kelly will be bringing cheesy potatoes, Patrick will be bringing something pasta or pizza ... what will you be bringing? We'll gather at Amber's house in Lake Geneva, chow down, play some games, and then bundle up to head out to do some Christmas caroling.

More details will be coming when we get closer, and you can always talk to me, Kelly or Patrick if get antsy. Or Amber, of course, regarding Misfits Thanksgiving. (Speaking of which, I hope she meant it when she said we could have it at her house!) But remember this: with the Misfits, everybody fits.


nemo said...

hermie rawks

Anonymous said...

So, who likes Pizza Fish?

Cornelius said...

Hermie DOES rawk! Nemo, you and Lana should seriously come to Misfits Thanksgiving! We're very fun people, you know.

And there will be no pizza fish. I have spoken.

kellyann said...

that sounds worse than fish tacos

margot said...

Hey! I like fish tacos!

And I have had crabmeat pizza. It's done with Alfredo sauce instead of red sauce, and it's realy quite tasty.

Anonymous said...
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Maggie is... said...

Rats...creepy blog spam posted a blogment! That shouldn't be allowed! It was a message about florists in Georgia. Um, wha?