Friday, October 26, 2007

The morning routine

Sharon at my work (I can't call her my friend at work because I don't make friends at work) asked me once why I don't wear makeup to work. Well, I do, and if I didn't, everyone would wonder who the blind girl is, because no one would be able to see my eyes. But anyhoo, the reason for my relatively natural-looking head is twofold. 1) I like sleep, and I'm not usually up early enough to do the full on Diva face. 2) Benld.

At the risk of sounding like the crazy old woman on the hill with 11 cats, I adore my furry roommates. But Benld is an attention hog. Seriously. He wants to be exactly where I am whenever I am home. If I'm on the couch, he's in my lap. If I'm in bed, he's on the extra pillow. Sometimes when I'm in the shower, he comes in and sits on the ledge of the tub, just out of reach of the water. No matter what I'm doing, he wants me to hold him.

Which makes it tough to put on makeup. To illustrate, here's a picture from this morning. That's Benld, perched on my shoulder, watching the world (or my towels) go by behind me. You can almost see the really cool tile in my bathroom (and the bags under my eyes from a rough week at work.) I tried to ignore him today (not the tile, Benld), and he proceeded to jump up onto the sink, stand on his hind legs and basically crawl up on me until he was in this position. All that while I was trying to put on mascara. It's a wonder I haven't been blinded by his acrobatics.

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