Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crappy day? Here's what to do

So yesterday sucked. Today's not looking like much of an improvement. But I am feeling like I can handle it, because I have stuff in my bag o' tricks that never fail to make me feel better. Next time you have a rough day, try something like this:

  • Call Kelly and ask her to say "motherfuckingcocksucker." It's like listening to a bunny swear at you.
  • Sweat. Get some endorphins running through your system. It really works.
  • Beer.
  • Watch something really engaging, but not heavy, on television. An episode of the British show "Jekyll" works wonders.
  • Talk to my dad. The white James Earl Jones is always on deck with sage advice, but not before he's made me find a solution myself.
  • Bubble bath. With lots of bubbles. And candles. And music. And a glass of something tasty.

And if all that fails, just go to bed. It won't look quite so crappy in the morning.


Col said...

Good to know someone else enjoys hearing cuss words. My Dad is the best in the garage. My fav is "you fucking cock sucker". It usually comes out at a car part or tool. I just love it and it always makes me smile. My two year old told me to "shut the Fucking door" the other day. That was pretty priceless too. Hard to dicipline that when you are almost peeing your pants in laughter.
Hope your day is getting better, mine is cuz it just turned BEERTHIRTY!!!

fucking comment already! said...

Amen, sistah! I get to leave at BEERTHIRTY, but in a different beer zone, I think.

Listening to Kelly swear is really a very sweet diversion. You'll have to hear it sometime.

Love you!

Oh, and shut the fucking door! Priceless.

Col said...

I have also been corrected when saying someone is a pain in the neck.
"No Momma, pain in the ass!"

then he says, "uh oh, I don't say that word, Ass momma, right?"

Being a Mom is a true adventure. I love it!!

KellyAnn said...

It is a joy. Especially when they have Aunts who teach them to say that "Aunt Margot is Fucking Outrageous" Yeah that is very fun!

Seriously, the stuff that comes out of that child's mouth! Just Priceless!

margot said...

Who taught the kid to say "Aunt Margot is fucking outrageous"? That's totally inappropriate!