Sunday, February 3, 2008

The back row of a dark theater

I love movies. They make me happy. The only thing better than a movie is a movie with someone I love. 

So last night, Cute Brian came by and we thought maybe we'd catch a couple of flicks. (He described it as a "double-header." I thought that sounded naughty. And btw to Kelly, he has facial hair these days. Seriously dishy.) We were going to se "Juno" and then perhaps "Cloverfield."

There's something about being an adult and choosing to sit in the very back of the movie theater. All the kids think you're up to something. Juno is one of the very best movies ever. It make me laugh, it made me cry, and made me feel all kinds of stuff in between. I loved it. I'd see it again in a heartbeat.

Then we went outside for a smoke break (before you reprimand me, Kelly, it was Brian's smoke break, not mine; I was the charming company) and then got tickets to see "Cloverfield."

I only made it through about 10 minutes of the second feature of the evening. Patrick told me it would make me sick (because evidently it's an artistic decision to create a film that looks like it was shot by a first year blind art student) and he was right. So we abandoned our seats (once again in the back of the theater) and went back to Chez Mags.

Have you ever seen the movie "Skeleton Key?" We watched that on DVD back at my place, and it was really quite unexpected - very good, and not just because it didn't make me nauseous. Plus, there's something about drinking cocoa on the sofa while watching a movie. You'll get no complaints from me.


vized06 said...

Meh. Cloverfield was good.

maggie said...

Meh. Tell the sonsofbitches to get a friggin' tripod.

vized06 said...

Yes. Because it makes sense that someone running around while a monster eats NYC would stop to shoot everything on a friggin' tripod.

Not that somebody bothering to keep their friggin' camcorder on while a monster eats NYC makes much sense mind you ...

Still a good movie.

Maggie said...

If, by "good movie" you mean "looks like it was shot by an infant" then I will concede to your opinion. Which, by the way, you share with Shamie, which kinda makes me wonder if you guys have been conspiring without my knowledge.

I'm accustomed to being part of the conspiracy, boys. Ya gotta share.