Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Enough with the crap, already

So reading the title of this post, you might think I'm talking about the snow. But you'd be wrong. Sure, we've gotten a shitload of the stuff this week, but I'm dealing okay.

Nope, the crap I'm tired if is cancer. It's not enough that it took my mom, most of my grandparents, my other mom, the father-in-law I hardly knew but love anyway. Now it's got my sister in its grip, and it's trying to hold on.

You may recall that my brother is a bone marrow match for my sister, which is all well and good, but lately her numbers are way off. I'm not a doctor, but I do know that when things are out of whack, it ain't good. Well, we found out yesterday that the cancer is pretty aggressive, and in a couple months they will check again and re-evaluate. If Luke (that's what I call the cancer - Luke Emia) hasn't started to behave by then, we'll be looking at chemo, and then a bone marrow transplant.

If that doesn't suck, I don't know what does. First of all, she has gorgeous hair. Second of all, I've seen what chemo can do to a person. It can be pretty ugly. I hope my sister's up to it. And third of all, enough already!!! I realize that if you live long enough, you're bound to get cancer, but this is ridiculous. Jenn's pretty young (45-ish) and super healthy, except for the whole cancer thing.

It just sucks. So if I could ask a favor of you, gentle readers, say a prayer to whomever you believe in, that Jenn would have the strength to get through this with her sense of humor intact, and that her husband might somehow become supportive overnight. And while you're at it, the whole family could use some wisdom and courage. If we're gonna get through this, it's gonna be together.


vized06 said...
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vized06 said...

I call out to The Great Monkey Lord and ask him to bless your sister with his Great Stick of Whacking. May his offering sprinkle over her and your family and may his Dangly Bits not brush your shoulder and cause arousal and/or discomfort.

And may he also reach out and bestow upon her husband the gift of support and understanding in the form of a blow to the head with his Mighty Rod.

These things we ask of you. In thy infinite mercy. Mekka Kikki Nanna Boo.


maggie said...

I continue to pee in my pants every time I read that.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's my brother. Believe it or not, he's the one who isn't retarded.

And Mekka Kikki Nanna Boo right back atcha.

vized06 said...

If I'm mentally "off" still has yet to be determined. I won't sit still long enough for the doctors to open up my skull and look.

Only a crazy person would let someone open your head up.

Unless you had a zipper installed. Then I guess it wouldn't be so bad.

maggie said...

Mekka Lekka Hai Mekka Hainee Ho.

And you already have a zip-out spine, show why not a zip-up dome?

Have fun at 'cuse!