Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I love that there are people in my life who I can just visit and say "by the way, I'm spending the night." I love that my friends treat me like family and that I feel like I belong.

Today, I learned that other people feel that way about me, too. My friend Di is coming over on Friday night. She sells this really pretty line of clothing at home parties, kinda like Tupperware for clothes, and I was supposed to have a party at my place but no one could make it. But no big deal, Di is in for the fun, anyway. So she's gonna come to happy penthouse and we're going to the gym together, and then see a movie and go out for dinner. We're talking and she says to me, "Oh, and I'm spending the night, too."

My smile almost split my face in half.

It makes me so happy that I have a place where people feel at home. I love feeling like that at my friends' homes. I feel privileged to be able to offer them the same.

So, when are you coming?


vized06 said...

"Oh, and I'm spending the night, too."

Soooooo many directions I could take that. Must ... resist ... urge ... to be ... crass ...

Anonymous said...

Why start now?

maggie said...

you? crass? now there's something i've never seen before.

and i don't know who's anonymously picking on you, but they're funny.

and you're just jealous you won't be here Friday night. Hey, you want me to see if the Rands are free when you kids come to town?

vized06 said...

Sure! We can have a Meat and Rice party!

maggie said...

it's like a buffet of old friends.

which, let's face it, just sounds disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, there was no crass.

Not even a little.

All day.

You are slacking.

vized06 said...

Oh, sorry – I thought implied crass would be enough. Just imagine the most disgusting, inappropriate thing you could possible say … and multiply the crass factor by four.

And now you can add Meat to the equation.

Mmmmmmm … Meat.

squeeg said...

It's a little creepy that I have anonymous blogmentors out there waiting for my blog to get crass.

I'm guessing whoever it is, they know us. Or at least Rice.

Anonymous said...

Just enjoying vicariously the crassness of your blog world.

Thank you for allowing me to have that honor.