Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vacation, six weeks later, part one

Hey, I wasn't in charge. All the pictures were on The Princess' camera, so I was at her mercy. But at long last, here are some pix of our New Year's celebration at Walt Disney World!

The flight was on time and everything!

My traveling companions - nephew Alex, sister Kathie (although she is not a nun) and my dad, Glenn.

We flew first-class. The flight attendant took this picture. Don't we look like we're already having fun?

My room. I like having my own space, so no one messes it up. Yes, I'm anal, even on vacation. Shut up, Mike. Now let's unpack and head to the Magic Kingdom!

Me with my favorite character EVER, Jiminy Cricket.

Me and my daddy. Can you see where the big head comes from?

Cinderella Castle. It's magic.

Forgive me, I know this is blurry. For the holidays, they light the castle with countless twinkling lights. It looked like it was covered in crystals. Breathtaking.


vized06 said...

Heheheheheheheh. Anal.

maggie said...

Yeah. I knew that'd be coming. Cretin.