Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend fun(k)

So I'm rediscovering how much I enjoy my own company. I'm not driving anywhere I don't have to go these days, because the Jeep needs a little love. It's pretty much work and the gym, and that's it. This weekend, it's been me and my feline roommates, and not much else.

Tried to go to Lake Geneva Friday night, because we were celebrating Kevin and Laura's birthdays. But the sensible side of me (yes, there is one) won out, because being stranded in Wisconsin without my wheels would suck. Believe me, I know. So here I stayed. Went to the gym on Saturday and had a fabulous workout. I love the gym on the weekend - it's relatively empty, so it's very enjoyable. I'll be going back today, as long as the car cooperates, and I'll treat myself to a sauna.

So with all this "Me-Time" on my hands, I've been reading, catching up on movies, chatting online with friends, knitting, cleaning La Casa de Maggie and doing a fair amount of chilling. I'm getting pretty good at it!

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