Sunday, February 3, 2008

Life is too short ...

  • to scowl when you can smile
  • to save the sexy underwear for occasions when it might be seen
  • not to have a theme song. (Mine? "She Will Have Her Way" by Neil Finn)
  • to get caught up in the stuff you cannot influence
  • to ever say no to cuddling
  • to forget where you came from
  • not to take a detour
  • to deny wanderlust
  • or just plain lust
  • to withhold forgiveness
  • to try and fit into someone else's mold
  • not to celebrate every gorgeous moment
  • to let a little thing like geography keep you from the people you love
  • to wonder why you're not happy
  • to keep it to yourself
  • to spend it without the company of furry critters
  • to turn down a dance
  • to wish the past had turned out differently
  • to eat inferior chocolate
  • not to say "I love you" every time you mean it

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