Monday, August 4, 2008

How I spent my lunch hour

The front page of The Divorce Papers. Isn't it pretty?

This is my signature, notarized by my new best friend Filippo at my bank. But I can call him Fil.

Yes, it's true ... today I dealt with what will probably be the last errand of my marriage - I had my signature notarized on the Marital Settlement Agreement for Dissolution of Marriage. Settlement, my ass. It's just a document that says, yeah, we don't wanna be married any more. He took his crap (and a lot of really nice clothes and a bread machine and a car and an education) and I took my belongings (which, incidentally, are fewer than they were in the days B.C.) and we're done.

When it's actually final, I'll let you know. Although there is a distinct possibility you'll hear my shouts of elation wherever you are.

Even in India.


Col said...

even though you are only finding it now, you did take something very valuable with you, YOU!! The confident, strong, beautiful you.

Stuff is just stuff, you are what matters. And Bread is better made by hand anyway.

monkeyhouse said...

Yeah, but he left all the milk and meat.

Oh, and his good taste in the wimmens.

Anonymous said...

You guys make me cry.

Colleeny, I love how you just pop up every now and then and say just the right thing and I dunno ... just master the art of being Colleen.

And Mike, you're so right. To this day, I relish buying cheese and steak. Note to self: never date a lactose intolerant semi-vegetarian. It's jut not worth it.

As for the good taste in the wimmens, well, I'm gonna let that go. People may think you're paying me a compliment ... and we can't have that.

Love you guys.

Maggie is... said...

And, ooops ... in case you didn't know, Anonymous is me!