Friday, August 15, 2008

I've kept it to myself for a week ...

But honestly, it's hard to contain myself. I love the Olympics! I always have. I can remember watching the Opening Ceremonies with my mom. The fanfare alone gives me goosebumps.

There will probably be more, but one week into the games I feel compelled to mention the Olympic things for which I am grateful.

Michael Phelps. Holy crap! His unbridled joy when swimming just cannot be contained. He makes it look so easy, and yet we know better. It doesn't hurt that he has a bod that just won't quit. One of my sisters has taken to calling me Mrs. Phelps. But I don't want to marry the guy. I just wanna look. And if he's swimming while I'm looking, so much the better.

Dara Torres. She's an absolute inspiration. At age 33, she became the oldest swimming gold medalist, and she hopes to raise that age to 41 (yes, 41 ... that's my age!) in Beijing. She has helped me redefine what 41 looks like. Look what we can do when we put our minds to it!

Lopez Lomong. Born in Sudan, he was kidnapped and separated from his parents during a civil war. As a prisoner, he watched other boys die of dysentery and starvation. Eventually, he escaped and made it to a refugee camp in Kenya, where he spent more than a decade there before coming to the United States in 2001. As flag bearer for the United States, Lomong serves (to me, anyway) as a reminder of the best of what the Olympics gives the world - great athleticism, great accomplishment, and global community.

Michael Phelps. Heck, he's Michael Phelps; he can be on this list as many damn times as I can stand to type his name.

Water Polo. Please, Lord, send me a male water polo player. They are beautiful. I don't need a whole team. Just one, lovely player. And the energy to keep up with him.

Bob Costas. I know he's a little much sometimes, but I just really enjoy him. I find him entertaining and interesting. Like most of my favorite people.

That's all for now, but we've got a week to go. And if you run across a water polo guy, send him my way, wouldja?


Charlie and Cindy said...

What about Bella's reaction to those gymnasts. I've been to his gym in Houston. Wow, it is amazing!

I'm a closet Olympics junkie too. I wish I could do even a semblance of that stuff.

Anybody who is the "best" at whatever they do amazes me!!

kaylee's grammy aka janetta said...

we finally found your blog!!mags we think you are awesome!! and we love you too!
p.s. we also love watching the olympics.
janetta & allen

jke said...

I discovered a few years ago that I love to watch sports on TV. I will watch just about anything from Football to bowling.

The Olympics definitely satisfies my Jones!

Love you!

maggie said...

Cindy dear, I loved Bob Costas talking about how it's like a sport within a sport to watch Bella watch gymnastics. He is indeed amazing!

Hi, JanettaMom and Janie! I love that we all live in different places, but we're all watching the same thing. Just another reason to love the Olympics.