Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good news Thursday

Did I tell you my sister Jenn has leukemia? She does. It's the "good kind" - chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or CLL. My bro is a bone marrow match, and they've harvested the cells in case the day comes when she requires a transplant. If you wanna read more about that little miracle, click here.

But anyway ... today she called me to tell me that at her latest appointment with the doctor, her white blood cell count had actually decreased. This is a trend I can live with. Although the doc said it's still in the same ballpark, Jenn said, "Sure, but it's the difference between a single and grounding out." Amen, girl.

Tonight I went to the gym, and after Salsa class John and I took a dip in the pool. As we were wandering around in pool area, one of the instructors stopped to say hi, and when he looked at me, he noticed I'd lost some weight. I of course passed it off as just being a good-fitting suit. "Wear it a lot," he said. Love him!

But not as much as I love John. John listened to me blubber on and on about the rough time I've been having at work, and offered some great perspective. Sometimes, your friends are there right when you need them. That was John tonight.

Why is it that all the awesome men in my life are gay, or married, or both?

Tonight was a good night, and we're coming to the end of a rough week. Eight more hours of work, and then ... weekend. Hope yours is wonderful. I'm planning for mine to be.


Becky said...

I'm glad to hear that there is a match in your family just in case your sister needs a transplant. Hopefully she won't need one and she'll pull through on her own (btw, never knew there was a "good" kind of leukemia, go figure).

You do look wonderful Mag! You know that pic I have out of you and Rae as you come in the door, you look NOTHING like your former self and I take my hat off to you for having the motivation to change your life. Keep it up!!

"Why is it that all the awesome men in my life are gay, or married, or both?"

BTW, this was a stab and Mike, right? ;)

Love you!

jpb2525 said...

The Maggie - I love ya girl! you are a wonderful woman with an amazing character. And I love you in the bunny shirt!!!! I am always here for you!

"The John"

maggie said...

Bex, you are too damn good to me. And yes, it was sort of a stab at Mike ... and an acknowledgment that the one man who loves me best in the world is really only interested in Ed. :(

John, thank you. I know you mean it. but I also know that you love the bunny shirt mostly for the bodacious tata factor. So just get over it and admit the worship, okay?