Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's part of my charm, right?

I've reached that point where I don't realize the obvious.

I looked at least somewhat cute today. I was sporting a black denim pencil skirt (which fits like it was made for me and let's face it ... last year this time, I could barely say the words "pencil skirt," much less fit into one) a white tank top and a cute black cardigan. The best part, though, was the shoes. Black Mary Janes, with three-inch heels. I looked like me, only better.

So I go about my day, being cute. I leave work, drive to the gym, walk in and stop at the cafe to get a bottle of water for the workout. In the cafe I run into the girl who usually checks me in at the front desk. I don't know her name, but I know her, ya know? Anyway, she looks very cute today, too. She's not wearing the usual athletic clothes, so she looks different. And of course, I have to say something. So I say, "You look too pretty for your own good!" She smiles, says thanks, and goes back to her conversation with a group of guys. At which point, one of them looks at me and says, "You're looking pretty great yourself," and I barely catch it. Because everything is funny in Maggie's World, I remark that of course I look good, I showered, and ha ha ha aren't I funny.

It was about 15 minutes later that I realized there's a high degree of likelihood that he was flirting with me. Yeah, I'm pretty charming, huh?

I have it on good authority that I am capable of flirting, and accepting flirtation in return. Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, I'm gonna try and believe it.

In other news, I talked to Mike today. He hates my picture on Twitter; says I look like my tonsils hurt and I have to pee. Aren't brothers fun? But the best part was hearing Kaylee say "I love you Maggie" three times in the background. The girl makes my heart melt.

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