Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random thoughts on a Wednesday night

Ouch. I pulled a hip flexor a few weeks ago, and it's still not healed completely. Plus I worked out like a lunatic tonight. Goodbye, 626 ugly calories. Hello, every muscle in my body. They're crying at me now. Thank you sweet little baby Jesus for Advil and massage.

I love technology. I love that someone can find you on Facebook and it can lead to half an oodle of other people coming out of the woodwork to love you like the past 15 years didn't happen. I love that Becky responds to me on Facebook, and I can ogle Ryan's bike there, and James occasionally pops up. I love that Stuart and I can't watch a movie together, I love that I figured out who Polly is, and that Di is having another boy. But most of all I love the coincidence - if I believed in such things - that so many people happened to find me this week. My first week being single again has been filled with people from my past, returning to the girl who is returning to herself.

My hair smells like my mom. Actually, my shampoo, Agraria's Bitter Orange fragrance, smells like the tea she used to drink. When I turn my head sometimes, I swear she's in the room with me. It's wild.

I've had a real platypus day. I guess missing the gym last night really took me down. I've felt kinda puffy and ugly all day. I'm glad the day's over, and I can get back to fabulous tomorrow! (By the way, John ... I did make it to the gym tonight, and I will be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You're kicking my ass, my friend!)

Pretty soon, I get to dance again! My hip-hop teacher left the gym six weeks ago, and has been looking for the right place to teach, and she's found it. Either next week or the week after, this aging white woman will start hitting it again. Trust me ... I've got moves you've never seen. ;)

Today was a better day at work, but this week I really feel like I'm earning that little thing we call "the weekend." Only two more days!

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jpb2525 said...

Yeah!!!! You mentioned me! hehehe.