Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Aging Divorcee Learns New Skills. I think I left my calendar/address book at the Lake House. I'm learning to cope without it. Maybe I didn't need to be quite so attached to it? Sure, I'm going to need some method for planning so I don't miss important things, but perhaps I don't need to be so dependent on a binder that I don't like to be away from it.
  2. My Butt Bones Hurt. Last night was spinning class. I love it, and I'm getting used to it, but still, every Tuesday, it hurts to sit. I think perhaps this is telling me to get up and stretch more often.
  3. It's a Wet Heat. The dog days of summer are upon us, and with them comes humidity. Not as bad as monsoon season in India (so far, James, there has been no mold on my hat) but bad enough that I don't think my skin will ever be un-sticky. And even the rain doesn't bring relief; we had serious storms last night (pretty yet treacherous to drive in) and it's still 86 degrees outside (but the heat index is 92; how ... tropical.)
  4. My Father Amazes Me. He will turn 80 next year. He leaves for Disney World on Saturday, with my nephew and sister. He plans to ride the Rock-n-Roller Coaster at least six times. In a row. He is wise, kind and funny. Not a bad role model. Every time we talk on the phone (which is every couple of days, usually) he ends the call by saying "Gotta go; have to pack. You know I'm leaving for Disney World on Saturday, right?"
  5. Being Stuck in a Storm Can Be Nice. Last night, when I was on my way up to Marge's to drop off The Divorce Papers, Patrick called. "Hurry up and get there, and just stay until I tell you it's okay to leave," he tells me. He was watching the stormline on the news, and he didn't want me to get stuck in anything nasty. So I sat and talked with Marge for a couple of hours, heard some stories that were new to me (after all this time, there are still some that I don't know!) and laughed so hard our sides hurt. Finally at 10, I was cleared for take-off. And I was sad to leave.
  6. Leave an Open Door. The Best Band Ever, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, released this song on their "Americano" album. It caught my ear this morning, with its message of moving forward but leaving an open door behind you. "Sing about the dawn in the middle of the night, leave an open door behind you. Stumble through the dark so that we might see the light, leave an open door behind you." I hope I do that. I hope that as I progress through life, I haven't slammed doors (except for that one) or burned bridges behind me. I hope the people who love me can follow me through.
  7. I Can Stab. This post on brother Mike's blog is sweeping my office. Whenever someone doesn't know how to do something, or something doesn't make sense, or there's too much silence, or someone needs to breathe, someone will say, "I can stab," or "I can burn." Or when someone a little bit not smart asks us how to pronounce something like the word "subtle," we tell them. And when they walk away, we say "I can talk." Maybe you have to be here, but in my world, it's funny as hell.
  8. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. When I was washing my hands in the loo earlier today, I surprised myself a little bit when I looked up and saw myself and my first thought wasn't "There's Maggie, the fat version." It was, "Wow, the hair turned out okay even with the humidity." Sure, part of it is the fact that I've taken off some of the weight. But part of it is because I am seeing myself differently these days. I'm not just seeing the flaws. I'm seeing the cool stuff, too. It's a nice change.
  9. What Century is This? I need a Web cam. Yes, you heard me - I said need. I talked to Cindy and Ryan earlier this week on the computer, and I could see them, but they couldn't see me. Now, lots of times this is a good thing, since I'm on the computer usually post-gym, but still ... there are features of Web conferencing I can't enjoy without having a cam on my end. So I'm researching and deciding which one to get. I can learn!
  10. I Feel Allright, Like the Morning I Am Golden. Hello Dave is playing Venetian Fest in Lake Geneva this year. I'm trying to talk Cute Brian into coming with me, because we've been talking about seeing them for three years! Hello Dave and the Refreshments (the earlier incarnation of Roger Clyne et al) were pretty much the soundtrack to EIU for Mike, Rae, Brian and our assortment of n'er-do-wells. I will see them at the Fest, even if I have to go alone!

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