Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time off

There is a wonderful feeling about sleeping late on a Sunday morning and knowing I can do the same thing tomorrow, if I choose to. Ah, the unbridled joy of a three-day weekend.

I spent yesterday cleaning la casa de Maggie. I usually resent having to spend a day on the weekend doing this, but not this time, because I still have two whole days to have fun.

Friday night, I did my part to cure AIDS by attending my friend Dan's fundraiser. He runs marathons to raise awareness and money for this oh-so-worthy cause. It was definitely a night well spent, and worth every Amaretto-infused-chocolate-covered strawberry I prepared for the event. Plus, in case you haven't heard, I have a world-class rack. Patrick's friend Mara (my friend now, too) told me so.

So today I'm off to "breakfast" with cute Brian, which is quickly turning into lunch, but who cares, and then to hopefully see Charlie, Cindy, Tori, Bex, Matt and Alice before having dinner with the Bieritzes. Tomorrow I'll be hanging with Clan Rice, and we'll just have to follow the wind and see where it takes us. Two things are certain: We'll have a great time, and I won't be working.

Insert satisfied, relaxed smile here.

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