Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Having the first day of the work-week on Tuesday just feels good.

2. But not as good as having three days off to spend with friends, family and lake water. Did you have any idea Lake Arlington was this beautiful? Yeah, us either.

        Lake Arlington, home of paddleboats, kayaks and a guy with a guitar.

              Our feet in the lake. Mine is the cute one.

              3. Spending time with Clan Rice/Carlson/Bathje makes me miss those who weren't there even more than I did before. You know who you are; consider yourselves hugged. And if you're in this country, expect a hug in person before too long.

              4. Long weekends allow plenty of time to get the apartment clean and have fun. Now if only I could convince the damn cat to pee in the litter box instead of hanging her catasstrophe over the side.

              5. Peach cobbler is the official pie of Labor Day.

              6. Knitting is contagious.

              7. Letting Cindy loose in the 70 percent off aisle at Joann's is a dangerous move.

              8. My dad is ready to get the knee surgery over and done with. As he puts it, "Getting hacked into can't hurt half as much as standing does now." You go, big fella.

              9. My CharlieDad doesn't like it when I try to get through the dark times by myself. I promise next time I'm in a funk, I will call Jacksonville. And I love you so much for caring so deeply.

              10. Cindy let me drive her convertible. With the top down. Can you say "highlight of my weekend"? I knew you could. It was all great and wonderful until I spilled my coffee. My full cup of coffee that had just been purchased at Dunkin' Donuts. Onto the floor on the driver's side. That caused me a minor panic attack, and yet Cindy, in her inimitable way, just rolls with it. Turns out, there's no use crying over spilled coffee. And now she has this great caffeine-laced aromatherapy, built right into her floormat.

              11. (Bonus for the holiday.) Family is defined by relationships as much as by the blood that runs through our veins. I love love love my family.


              Charlie and Cindy said...

              I thought of you several times today, but especially when I got in the very hot car after school and it smelled very nicely like a rich cup of coffee.

              Love you!!!! Glad we got to see you!!!

              Come "home" soon!

              maggie said...

              So happy I could provide you with pleasant-smelling memories! When I visit, I'll bring carpet shampoo.

              Love you!