Sunday, September 14, 2008

My weekend, by the numbers

It was fun when Mike did it. It was fun when Cindy did it. I'm doing it, whether you think it's fun or not.

100 - percent humidity it feels like in my world. I'm contemplating an ark. Everything in my apartment feels moist. (GOD, I hate that word!) Enough, already.

10 - days until Dale, Candy, Tim and I see Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers in Cudahy, WI. We got our tickets over the weekend. I really cannot wait. Cute Brian can't make it this time, but we're gonna try to suffer through without him.

1 - number of times a man has said, "Don't go. Please don't go" to me in the last three years. It happened last night, when I was ready to leave Game Night but Jason wasn't ready for me to go. It was flattering, even though he's married, to have a cute guy ask me not to leave. It felt good to have someone appreciate my company. It felt a little less so when the game was over and we all got ready to leave and I realized it wasn't that he didn't want me to leave; it was that he was parked behind me and just really did not want to move the car.

5 - dollars it cost to get into the Sprague Theater to see the film "Better the Devil," starring none other than our friend Tim Beringer. This little indie film was a great way to pass a rainy afternoon.

10 - grilled cheese sandwiches I made to feed our crowd. Seriously, I do make the best grilled cheese ever.

11 - time I finally got moving Saturday morning after whooping it up waaaaaay too much on Friday night. I have apologized to those I abused. Or bit.

2 - loads of laundry I did at Amber's house.

4 - cookies I ate for breakfast this morning.

6 - hours I have now procrastinated in an attempt to not clean my messy apartment. I think I'd better get to it now. Dammit.

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jpb2525 said...

seriously - grilled cheeze is my absolute favorite! I expect I will be getting one from you at some point!!!