Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 on Tuesday

  1. If home is where the heart is, then my home is in Bonners Ferry, Idaho right now. That's where my friend Janie is right now, comforting her mother over the loss of her father. Janie's dad died last Friday, and as she describes him, he was "one of the greatest people I ever knew." My heart is where you are, Janie. Which is pretty much Canada.
  2. Tomorrow night I get to see Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers! I am so excited! Tim, Dale, Candy and I are taking in the show together. I am looking forward to an evening of great music with great friends, and the promise of good Mexican food. Should be a good time!
  3. I'm exhausted. Three hours of cardio on a Monday night is a lot. Especially when it causes the adrenaline and endorpins to course through my system, inhibiting my ability to sleep. Let's see, I've contorted and hustled my body for three hours straight, then practically inhaled a chicken sandwich, and now I'd like to sleep. Not a chance. Which explains the copious amounts of coffee I'm sucking down today.
  4. Ever watched anyone belly dance and thought to yourself, "that looks easy"? It's not. As my instructor said, "You have to make a muscle strong so you can move it softly. You have to tone your body to make tiny, meaningful movements." My fanny and core muscles are really feeling the result of every one of those movements today. Ow ow ow WOW! Wait until I master that hip-roll-thingy; you'll be mesmerized.
  5. My cats, or "The Boys" as I call them, are locked in my bedroom today while a couple of guys are replacing my windows. I hope they're coping okay. I hope they will forgive me for locking them away. I hope they'll fold my clothes and put them away!
  6. Apple picking is scheduled for Saturday. I love the taste of apples fresh from the tree; I could eat my weight in them. But I won't. I will bake pies! Stay on my good side, and I'll share.
  7. Mmmm ... food! Our department was treated to lunch today by one of our print vendors. I had delicious tilapia with this yummy rice, and then we had one of everything for dessert. Nope, not kidding, one of everything. I'm full. Like overflowing full.
  8. I kinda hope both Kim Kardashian and Susan Lucci fall on their heads at some point during the current season of "Dancing with the Stars."
  9. My dad is coming along really well with his therapy. Today he called to tell me that he'd done his exercises all by himself! He is remarkable. The smart money says in about three months, he'll be wanting the other knee replaced, too, if only because the nurses were so nice to him while he was in the hospital.
  10. I miss having a fireplace. The last place Christopher and I shared had one, and it was honestly my favorite thing about that apartment. So if you have a fireplace and I come visit you this fall and winter (yes, Amber, this means you!) be prepared to keep the home fires burning!


Charlie & Cindy said...

There's a fireplace in Jacksonville. don't use it much, but for you....

Shakespeare said...

Forsooth, a portable fireburner!
Candles wax as lovers swoon,
wine flows merrily upon the head,
never knowing the cheese from moon.

jke said...

Thanks, Mags.

We are having a tough, tough time right now. All thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

We are lost without Dad. How is anything ever right and happy again?

Love you.