Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I am really, really tired. Two hours of cardio is a lot for a Monday night, but that's what happens when the best Spin instructor and the best Salsa instructor teach on the same night. At least I have good friends to sweat with! But right now, in the middle of a sunny Tuesday, I can feel myself doing the head-bob thing. Not cool. At least not while I'm at work. But I'll make it ... and then I'll drive to the gym and lift weights tonight, because somewhere deep down there is a fit person just dying to claw her way out.
  2. Speaking of working out, Joe, the unspeakably hunky spin instructor, seems to think I'm capable of working harder than I was working last night. There's sprinting, and then there's sprinting. I thought my quads were gonna cry!
  3. I went grocery shopping last night after the gym. I buy weird shit when I've just been surrounded by visions of health! I have all sorts of real, fresh food, with nary a frozen pizza in sight. Ah, the girl is learning.
  4. I have had tons of love over the last week! I got to talk to Kaylee on the phone, hung out with the Rathundes on Saturday night, played cars with Kristofer, got to be both Mike and Rae's gratuitous free call via the AT&T network, collected hugs from my dancing buddies, (yes, they were sweaty; no, I didn't mind) and just pretty much let the happy love stuff find me. Makes for pretty good days in my world.
  5. Eight days until Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers. Not that I'm excited or anything.
  6. Why do we say "Brunch"? Why not "Lunchfast"? These are the questions that haunt me.
  7. Is it time yet for flannel sheets? It's been awfully cold these last few nights. My two favorite nights of the year are the first night in the flannel, and the first night out of the flannel. There's just something about having a different fabric against the skin ... I dunno, it just makes me happy. But I don't usually go for the flannel before November. What's a girl to do?
  8. I'm almost out of coffee from Cafe du Monde. That means Cute Brian is gonna have to take another road trip. This is the coffee I brew on those mornings when I would rather have a root canal than get out of bed. It makes almost it worth being awake. It would be perfect if I still kept the coffee maker next to the bed.
  9. Josie the Wonder Cat may outlive me. She has this huge growth/tumor/thingy on her back, but it's almost like she doesn't notice it. As long as I feed her and cuddle her, she doesn't care. She will sit and purr and love me as long as I sit still. Doctor Judy says we can either spend a lot of money and operate and still probably not solve the problem, or we can watch and see how things progress and make sure she's not in pain. Since I am poor, we're going with option two. And honestly, Josie doesn't seem to mind at all.
  10. Funny people are all over my life. Whether it's Jason poking fun at us over Trivial Pursuit, Mike gaving spelling problems, Dad asking if I need to do laundry because he knows laundry will always get me to visit him, or this guy I work with who calls me "dude," I am never far from my next laugh.

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