Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good music and fruit

How many times do you attend a great concert from the front row? I can't say for sure, but I'll bet it's not very often. But that's what we did Wednesday night.

Not that I have proof. Dale and Tim were the only ones with cameras, and they have yet to cough up the goods. Suffice to say that we drank shots with the band, danced our fannies off, and reveled in some great music. I'll post photos when they're available.

On Thursday, I saw Colleen at karaoke. She would have sung, but she was high. (Better, Col?)

On Saturday I picked apples and baked pies with Patrick, Ed, Dan, Javier, "New Guy" (aka PJ) and the Wisconsin Rathundes. We had such a great time! Turns out, I make a mean apple pie. And the best part? Jav shared his photos already, so I can show you a little bit of our day!

It was a near-perfect day to be out in the orchard. Here's Edwin, Patrick, me, Aubri and Kelly, ready to select the perfect apples.
Patrick with the apple picker, which allowed him to reach the apples at the top of the tree, and do a mean Cornholio impression.
The peeling and slicing begins. Here we are in Amber's kitchen, making the magic that is apple pie. In the foreground is PJ, with Dan behind him.
I'm not sure why I have that pouty look on my face, but here's the other side of the counter - me, Edwin and Kelly, and part of Dan's noggin.
I finally remembered to photograph my handiwork when I got home. Of all the pies we baked - and it was about 10, I think - this one was my favorite. I almost didn't want to cut into it, because it's so darned pretty! But I'm glad I did. I have to share the rest of it, though, or it'll all end up part of my thighs.


Col said...

wow, we go from a great concert on Wednesday to pies on Saturday. You totally skipped ME on THURSDAY!!!

It's ok, I'll get over it...

mags said...

Smart aleck.

Love you!

jpb2525 said...

how much fun! I wanna do this sometime! Awesome! You know, I am a killer baker!

Charlie and Cindy said...

Pie without Rice?
"Oh, my" she said.
"May the crust settle
Most where you dread".

May you wiggle and fret
with the squirts that you get
From the curse
Of the pie without Rice.

maggie said...

John, you should come along next year! This is an annual thing ... you're invited!

Now, Cindy, let me get this straight. You're wishing me intestinal distress because I had pie without you? Am I to understand that you have had no pie since July? (Now that was poetic!) I don't believe it! But I think I could be persueded to bring a pie-type food when you're here for Alice's birthday!

Charlie and Cindy said...

Oh, Maggie, my little Dear.
My ass is too big for pie, I fear.
No orb of fruit has, made me toot.
Since last you were quite near.

Bring pie in October, or I'll keep doing really bad rhyme.

Col said...

Thank you! I feel so much better!!!

Are you going to attempt the peach custard pie??

From what I read in my Grandma's cookbooks, if you can do apple you can do custard...

Props to the poets!!!

Kaylees Papa Allen said...

Can you say...alamode??? I scream, you scream, we'll all scream for icecream...why have you flung this cravin' on me??? Luv ya anyway!